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Sliding Mold Construction Minaret (Sliding mold) in religious places with Rayf Teknik

Minaret (sliding structure) A type of metal is used in the construction of suitable ferrous castings. We have many minaret (slip formwork) projects in Turkey. The diameter of our minaret, which we manufacture, is available in two different diameters, 160 cm and 200 cm. Single balcony minarets can vary between 25 meters and 40 meters above the ground, and double balcony minarts can vary between 33 and 55 meters. Depending on whether the mosque is covered or domed, its height is determined. Ribbed steel of 8 mm and 14 mm or 16 mm is used for the construction of the minaret. Our own construction machinery is used to pump out materials (except foundations) on site. If desired, colored minarets are used on the outside and built with black concrete, or built from scratch with white cement and left in its color. At the construction site of each minaret, a system of fire rods is installed by pulling a copper wire to the area where the foundation is carved with a sand plate. The lights, sound system and minaret doors will belong to the mosques involved. The mosque team will open the foundation pit and the minaret well work according to the advice of the master, and the concrete will be placed by the steel that the master puts. 16 cubic meters of concrete is used in a single-balcony minaret, and about 20 cubic meters is used in a double-balcony minaret. There may be material differences in the foundations of minarets, which vary from the soil structure and climate, and the large foundation is open to soft soil. Since 3 people will work for a month during the construction of the minaret, these people will also be assigned a place to sleep. Just find an empty room near the mosque, because there are kitchen utensils and beds for our group. After surveying around the mosque for the desired minaret, if it is deemed suitable, an agreement will be made between the parties and the start date will be determined when the deposit is given. During the construction of the minaret, the agreed monthly payments will be made gradually, and at the end of the project, the remaining payments will be made. The group will continue to work with dedication to not be responsible for the appearance of buildings unsuitable for seismic conditions by sacrificing quality and creating architectural projects that will shape the future come to light.

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