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Reliable Drilling Machine Manufacturer in Turkey

Our drilling machine manufacturer, which continues its activities with its experienced staff, specializes in the design and production of drilling machines and has become the leading manufacturer of this machine type. Standard models have been custom designed thanks to a range of options. We also offer complete hi-tech solutions to meet the most common needs. We can also design and manufacture individual solutions. In addition to research and development for drill rigs, the drill rig manufacturer has recently invested in automated vertical warehouses and machining centers to improve internal production processes, and green investments such as the expansion of solar panels installation. Installed a heat pump-managed hybrid cooling and heating system for the entire production facility.

Drilling Machine Manufacturer in Turkey
Drilling Machine Manufacturer in Turkey

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We are at your service to support you in analyzing your drilling needs and suggest a solution that fully meets the required efficiency. When evaluating our machine offers, you can request a drilling test session to check the real capabilities of our machines. We are at the disposal of our customers as technological partners for advice and testing, for example, when searching for the best parameters for problem materials. The procurement of a drill rig manufacturer machine always envisages a training session as standard. The first phase takes place in our company's workshop during machine acceptance testing, then training is completed at customers' premises during machine commissioning.

Drilling Rigs Manufacturer in Turkey
Drilling Rigs Manufacturer in Turkey

We store the most important electrical and drilling rigs spare parts and consumables such as filters, timing belts, pumps in our workshop. Our company is a manufacturing sector where the same personnel responsible for machine assembly also performs maintenance interventions. This ensures high-quality, top-notch service. If you have an old machine, we are at your disposal to evaluate the feasibility and costs for a complete remanufacturing. Alternatively, in the case of a purchase order for a new machine, we overvalue the used machine.

What Ark Drilling Can Serve You?

Drilling Rigs Supplier in Turkey
Drilling Rigs Supplier in Turkey

A drilling machine can be used to perform functions such as Drawing, Point-facing, Drilling, Countersinking. Now let's explore a bit about these functions. Tapping refers to drilling holes under pressure in pipelines. Point facing refers to drilling done to trim the edge of a hole to fit a bolt head or washer. Reaming is a drilling process that improves surface finish and creates better dimensions in holes. Countersinking refers to the practice of drilling to create a gap at the top of the hole to hold a bolt screw head in place. Although there are many machines in the new age market, the drill rig is one of the most widely used. Whether it is a workplace or a home, it is used a lot because there are many jobs done with the help of this machine. Drilling machine is a power machine, commonly called drill press, used to drill or drill holes in metal or wood. Drilling rigs have sharp cutting edge drilling tools at their points, which are rotated very quickly at around hundreds to thousands of revolutions per minute, providing a drilling effect. You will find these products in their best quality form in our drilling machine manufacturer company.


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